2nd CINDI-2 Workshop, Mutters (Austria), 14-15 March 2018


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The 2nd CINDI-2 (Second Cabauw Intercomparison of Nitrogen Dioxide Measuring Instruments) Workshop was held at Hotel dasMEI in Mutters, Austria from 14 to 15 March 2018. The Workshop, locally organised by the LuftBlick Company (Alexander Cede and his team) under the auspices of ESA, gathered ~40 scientists from all around the World (see list of participants here) to present and discuss the current status of the CINDI-2 campaign results.

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This web page provides access to the Workshop agenda and presentations, which can be downloaded by clicking on the corresponding presentation titles. For further information, please contact François Hendrick (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Alexander Cede (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). For any usage of presentation slides, please contact the corresponding first author.


Day 1 – Wednesday 14 March 2018


09:00 A. Cede, F. Hendrick: Welcome, logistic information


 Semi-blind intercomparison session (session lead : K. Kreher/M. Van Roozendael) 

09:15 K. Kreher: Semi-blind intercomparison final results

09:35 M. Van Roozendael: Centralized DOAS processing of CINDI-2 data       

09:50 Discussion


 Pointing calibration (session lead: T. Wagner) 

10:10 S. Donner: Final results of the elevation calibration exercise during CINDI-2 using different methods

10:30 Discussion        


10:40 Coffee break + poster session                

 Trace gas and aerosol profiling – Part 1 (session lead: F. Hendrick) 

11:10 L. Tirpitz: Consistency of CINDI-2 MAX-DOAS aerosol, NO2 and HCHO profiling results

11:30 U. Friess: Comparison of profiling algorithms using synthetic MAX-DOAS Data: Results from the FRM4DOAS Project

11:45 J. Lampel: The combined dataset for in-situ NO2 concentrations from ICAD and CAPS measurements during CINDI-2        

12:00 E. Spinei: Comparison of Pandora NO2 profiles from CINDI-1 and CINDI-2 using real-time and full OEM inversion algorithms

12:15 S. Beirle: Aerosol profile retrieval during CINDI-2 with MAPA


12:30 Lunch break  


 Trace gas and aerosol profiling – Part 2 (session lead: A. Piters) 

13:40 Y. Wang: Vertical profiles of tropospheric ozone from MAX-DOAS measurements during the CINDI-2 Campaign

14:00 J. Xu: Progress of comparisons for NO2, HCHO SCDs and profiles in CINDI-2

14:15 M. Tiefengraber: Combination of valley and mountaintop Pandora measurements in Innsbruck area

14:30 T. Koenig: Tropospheric and Stratospheric BrO Profiles from Mountaintops in the Remote Marine Atmosphere

14:45 Discussion


15:00 Coffee break + poster session                


 Horizontal variability including mobile and modelling results (session lead: A. Cede

15:30 A. Hilboll: WRF/Chem simulations for the CINDI-2 campaign

15:50 A. Richter: Horizontal variability during CINDI-2 - results from the IMPACT imaging instrument

16:05 A. Merlaud: Synergetic use of mobile DOAS observations during CINDI-2

16:20 Discussion


17:00 End of day 1


18:30 Social dinner at Gasthaus Lärchenwald


Day 2 – Thursday 15 March 2018


 Other Science Topics (session lead: A. Richter

09:00 T. Wagner: Water vapor retrieval from MAX-DOAS observations

09:15 S. Schreier: Retrieval of CHOCHO using observations from the IUPB and BOKU MAX-DOAS instruments

09:30 A. Piters: OMI observations during CINDI-2: an update using the QA4ECV dataset (on behalf of D. Stein Zweers)

09:45 Discussion


 Current and future side activities 

10:00 F. Hendrick: Status of the ESA FRM4DOAS project

10:10 J. Lampel: VDI guidelines for MAXDOAS (on behalf of D. Pöhler)

10:20 M. Van Roozendael: Future S5P validation campaign + discussion


11:00 Coffee break


11:30 F. Hendrick + all: Discussion on CINDI-2 publication plan

13:15 All: AOB


13:30 End of the Workshop


List of posters:

    1. HONO SCD and profile intercomparison by Y. Wang
    2. The MMF MAXDOAS profiling algorithm by M. Friedrich